Ben Slayton, Founder & CEO LEGACY Home Loans, declared June 2023 as National Black Homeownership Month.

Keeping in line with President Biden’ 2022 proclamation on National Homeownership Month, which also included American who are renting homes. The National Black Homeownership Month agrees with President Biden’s Proclamation except for rentals because renting does not help Black people build wealth. Renting only helps build wealth for the landlord, this I know because I am a landlord.

The National Black Homeownership Month is unapologetically about its mission and that is to: Empower the Black community to become homeowners and to help close the homeownership gap between Black people and whites.

Today Black Homeownership is at an historical low of only 44% (meaning, only 4 out of every 10 Black Families own the home they live in) in contrast to 7 out of every 10 White Families own the homes that they live in. Hence, a 30% homeownership gap between Black and Whites. We intend to do our part in closing this 30% homeownership gap.

National Black Homeownership Month will offer educational books, articles and other learning materials, to prospective homeowners, Free Homeownership Workshop and Webinars, on what one needs to know and to be done to become a homeowner, and Pledge Agreements whereby those who need a different type of motivation to help save up for the required down payment and closing cost, and FREE First-time Homebuying Counseling to prepare you for homeownership.